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Damonza Crosses the One-Hundredth Non-Fictional eBook Cover Milestone

Renowned eBook service provider Damonza, has designed more than one hundred non-fictional covers for clients and the list keeps growing!

OF [SPECIFY ORIGIN PR] – There are many players in the eBook cover design game currently, but none have managed to pull off the success of Damonza since its inception in 2012. Other than bagging the best non-fictional eBook cover award for four consecutive years, the company has now officially crossed the one-hundredth eBook cover milestone for the same genre, which is a huge achievement in itself.

Damon Freeman, the Founder and Creative Director of Damonza said, “We are extremely pleased with what we have achieved so far. Winning the award for the best non-fictional cover four years in a row was something incredible for us. However, crossing this milestone has made these wins a lot more special. Damonza has designed more than 2,000 eBook covers so far, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon!”

These impressive numbers serve as a testimony for the quality of service Damonza provides to its clients. Hence, it really doesn’t come as a surprise more authors consider the company as the primary choice when it comes to designing eBook covers. Moreover, Damonza has also won the best fictional eBook cover award for four consecutive years. Will they be able to sweep the awards next time around? Only time will tell.

Damon Freeman further added, “Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We listen to what the client says and what they expect from us. Their ideas and feedback are valuable as they help us identify what exactly they are looking for. Then, we follow up and create the most appropriate design possibilities. Of course, we provide our expert suggestions along the way as well to ensure our client gets nothing but the best.”

Authors can take a look at some samples of non-fictional eBook covers designed by Damonza on their website: https://damonza.com/portfolio/non-fiction-samples/. There are some big names in there, such as Flipping for Success by Paul Galland, The Longest Bridge Across Water by Jeremy Mangerchine, Tears from Kabul by Michael P. Buckley, War Torn by Troy Parfitt and Tomorrow’s Change Makers by Marilyn Price Mitchell, among others!

Although the company had started initially with its focus only on eBook cover design services, they now have a wide range of services for authors, which can prove valuable in helping them sell their eBooks! They have also designed covers for renowned newspaper publishers like USA Today and New York Times.

When asked about their plans for the future, Damon Freeman replied, “We are looking to expand our services further. In these competitive times, authors face a lot of problems in selling their eBooks. However, we aim to introduce more services that can help turn their dreams into reality. So, stay tuned for some exciting stuff!”

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